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We're Here to Help

Strong financial health requires strategic tax planning. Tax rules change year to year, making
ongoing monitoring of your own accounts critical to protecting your assets.

At Perlson LLP, we go far beyond typical once-a-year tax reviews. To help ensure your plan is
optimized for the least amount of risk and the most favorable results, we carefully track changes in tax laws and analyze how they will impact your finances. We meet with you as often as needed to proactively and strategically manage your accounts to achieve the best possible results.

Corporate Planning & Tax Compliance

Partnership Planning & Tax Compliance

Multi-state & Local Tax Planning

Mergers, Acquisitions, Reorganizations

Tax Authority Representation & Resolutions

Not for Profit & Charitable Foundations

Pension, profit-Sharing and 401K Plans

Succession Planning

Research & Development Tax Credits

Sales Tax & Payroll Tax Preparation